I read today that the average person has 60,000 thoughts in a single day, and that most of these thoughts are the same as those they had the day before.

That’s some pretty powerful stuff.

Actually, that sounds like an awful lot. Let’s do math.

14 hours multiplied by 60 minutes per hour multiplied by 60 seconds per minute … and that equals 50,400.

pretty close.

So I would guess that I have less than 1 thought per second, but still … if some thought rattles its way though my head only every three seconds, that’s still 16,800!

I would also agree that most of those thoughts are the same as the ones I had yesterday.

Whats interesting is that when we become aware of this process, we can force ourselves to start thinking about new things. Just ask your subconscious to think of something it doesn’t usually think about and voila .. there you go.

Now that is definitely powerful stuff.

~The HabitGrams Team

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