Carrots and Sticks

We often mistake them as the same, but there is a huge difference between authority and leadership.

To have “authority” is to be able to give orders. If we tell someone to take out the trash, and they must do so or risk losing their job, then we have exercised our authority.

To be a leader is to find a way to induce changes indirectly. If we relate a story that we once heard and it inspires someone to a new behavior . . . then we have exercised our ability to lead.

You must have a position of authority in order to have authority, but anyone can lead. You can be a leader for your team, your coworkers or even your boss . . . without anyone putting you in charge of anything. Just pay attention to what other people respond to.

Even if we receive no accolades or “credit” for this . . . people notice, and it raises our value to the tribe around us.

~The HabitGrams Team

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