We should question even the most basic ideas. It helps to make decisions easier and refines our purpose.

So .. Who is this for, anyway?”

I’ve been asking myself this particular question lately. I originally meant this blog… but then it made me think of habitgrams itself. I use habitgrams all the time now and I find it to be a fairly useful tool for building new habits and setting reminders.

.. and I still haven’t spent any time actually trying to get real “users” so I suppose the answer is that I’m just doing it for myself right now. At the same time, I realize that building a tool that is useful and relevant in my life will probably also create a tool that is useful for other people as well… so maybe the answer is “everyone.”

Then I have to ask: If I am the only person that ever uses it, is that enough?

I don’t have answers (yet), but these questions are definitely worth spending some time on with any endeavor.

“Who am I doing this for?”

~The HabitGrams Team

Note: This site and blog have had a reboot. This post is from our original blog but we are now building everything again from the beginning. We include this post for posterity(ha!), but our current posts really start at: The origin story of Habitgrams