I used to develop online games. I made some games that were fun, and some that were downright addictive. You know all those annoying requests you get on facebook about joining game XXX… yeah, I built those kinds of things.

I was in the middle of creating a sequel to one of my earliest games when I decided to pull the plug on the whole thing. At that point I had invested a lot of money and time into building Shogun Wars 2 and it was just getting ready for release… but one day I just realized that it just wasn’t who I wanted to be.

I wondered how many grades dropped and relationships suffered because of my creations. Sure, some friendships had been formed as well, but overall it isn’t clear whether it was making the world a better place or helping to drag it down.

So I canned it.

Then I started a new project with a new motivation. It had been at the back of my mind for a few years. I didn’t have a name for it at that time, but eventually it became habitgrams.com.

I wanted to do something that makes the world better, that helps people. That’s who I want to be.

~The HabitGrams Team

Note: This site and blog have had a reboot. This post is from our original blog but we are now building everything again from the beginning. We include this post for posterity(ha!), but our current posts really start at: The origin story of Habitgrams