Reminders are great, but over time we become de-sensitized to them.

For instance, right now I am using for two things:

1.) to help remind me to work on

2.) to remind me of changes that I want to make in life, but often forget in my daily schedule.

The first category doesn’t work too well for me because I don’t look at my messages in a timely manner. If it could go on a calendar, it doesn’t seem to make a great habitgram for me. On the other hand, my girlfriend is very meticulous about her messages and uses it this way with great success.

On the other hand, habitgrams that fit into the second category seem to work better. It doesn’t matter if it is six hours after the fact when I look at the message that says: “Don’t panic. Tomorrow is a new day. Now Panic because today is about to be gone forever.”

That type of message still causes the desired thought process to fire.

Food for thought.

~The HabitGrams Team

Note: This site and blog have had a reboot. This post is from our original blog but we are now building everything again from the beginning. We include this post for posterity(ha!), but our current posts really start at: The origin story of Habitgrams