• A problem worth loving.

    They say that as a startup you should fall in love with the problem, not the solution. I’ve had this vague idea of what problem we’re at here at Habitgrams for awhile, but oddly I haven’t been able to really define it. For some reason tonight as I was lying in bed, a description came to me, so I’m going to brain dump it here and we’ll see if it sticks. Here goes…

  • Word Matters.

    I have to admit that when I saw this image it was suprisingly emotional. It is one thing to be building a tool that helps people do the things they want, but another thing altogether to get a true glimpse into what those people want.

  • WOOP, there it is.

    WOOP. Sounds like a dumb acronym from business class, right? Well, it actually represents a really awesome Physiological technique that can empower and motivate you in new ways to achieve your goals. It is also one of the concepts we are incorporating into Habitgrams, but I’ll talk more about that in another post.

  • What is a habit?

    I think it is important to define what makes a habit different than other actions. I personally tend to think of habits as any behavior that we can do without having to exert willpower.

  • There I was Minding My Own Business...

    Earlier this summer Phil came into our office and said “Hey, lets grab some dinner - I’ve got an idea to bounce off of you.” Tres tamales y dos cervezas later and I’m part of the plan.

  • The *new* origin story of Habitgrams

    In 2015 I started working on the original site…

  • What *are* we going to do?

    What are we going to do when the work is all done?

  • Repetitive Motions

    I read today that the average person has 60,000 thoughts in a single day, and that most of these thoughts are the same as those they had the day before.

  • Piece of cake

    That sounds like a piece of cake. We can have that done in no-time!

  • Measuring Success

    Is it more important that you successfully changed your behavior or that you achieved your underlying goal?

  • We were in Time.... Magazines... Website

    What’s this?! Yes! That is the official site for Time Magazine.

  • One step at a time.

    I’ve been looking at a lot of other habit building programs on the internet. It seems like every one of them starts with an idea and then focuses on that idea.

  • The Habitgrams that aren’t

    Sonia and I were comparing notes on which habits seem to take hold and which ones fade away.

  • Sometimes, it just comes naturally.

    Have you ever noticed that some ideas and things just come naturally? I mean some ideas spark interest and excitement, and very nearly jump onto the pages of this blog, while others take some real work and dedication to bring to fruition.

  • Leadership and Self Deception

    I just finished a book called “Leadership and Self Deception”. It was well worth the investment of time.

  • Carrots and Sticks

    Carrots and Sticks

  • Bedtime

    Who gets enough sleep these days?

  • **Who** is this for, anyway?

    We should question even the most basic ideas. It helps to make decisions easier and refines our purpose.

  • Let's be humans.

    Let’s just be human.

  • Making Change

    I used to develop online games. I made some games that were fun, and some that were downright addictive. You know all those annoying requests you get on facebook about joining game XXX… yeah, I built those kinds of things.

  • Desensitized Reminders

    Reminders are great, but over time we become de-sensitized to them.

  • Habitgrams Blog Kickoff (the first one)

    We often have a lot to say but feel the need to keep the site as simple and minimal as possible… so we’re starting up the habitgrams journal.

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