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Our goal at Habitgrams is to help you take hard behaviors in life like eating right, working out, or just being kind to your spouse and transform them into true habits that you can repeat with consistency and keep up indefinitely. You have changes you want to make in your life, and we build tools to help you.

HabitGrams are simply reminders.

We help you keep the most important stuff in the front of your mind. Nothing magical, just bringing your attention back to the things you care about. You set them up on to be delivered on a schedule to your email or cell phone.

Habitgrams are reminders.

Its all about mindfulness.

During each part of your day, your attention is taken over by the items most important at the time. But we want to help you bring it back to your own goals and choices.

Habits are about mindfullness.

And choices.

We can't do the hard things for you, but each habitgram represents a choice, a chance for you to succeed in your goals. We'll give encouragement when you do great, and if you fall off track, we'll help dust you off and get you back on your way.

Each habitgram represents a choice.